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Caticlan to Gigantes Island


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Islas de Gigantes Guide

Getting to Gigantes Island From Caticlan

    Caticlan is the main gateway to Boracay Island if you are entering the Visayas Region via Caticlan Airport, more popularly called Boracay Airport.

    Take a ride to the van terminal going to Roxas City if you are not able to hire a van that goes straight to Carles.

    There are many vans heading to the beautiful City of Roxas if you’re in Caticlan (Boracay) and wish to spend some time in Carles, Iloilo.

    Get off at the Lawaan Ceres Transport Terminal just before arriving at the domestic airport in Roxas City.

    From there, you can take the bus going to Estancia and get off at Balasan, where you can then take a tricycle to Carles (the municipality where Gigantes Island is).

    Do not forget to ask the driver to drop you off at the Port of Bancal.

    You will head on an outrigger boat (locally called “Banca” to travel to Gigantes Island after getting off at the Port of Bancal in the town of Carles. It takes 1.5 hours to get there.

    Explore mystical caves – Gigantes Island is home to several caves concealed by cliffs and steep rock formations. Many of them, including Pawikan Cave, have roomy chambers that are simple to explore. The large coffins discovered at Bakwitan Cave on Gigantes Norte, which housed enormous collections of human bones, are found to be the source of the island chain’s name.

    Islas de Gigantes
    Gigantes Island

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