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Cabugao Grande

    When you are in Cabugao Grande, or as the locals more commonly refer to it, Cabugao Dako, it will seem as though you are in El Nido. The large limestone rocks that are scattered throughout the white sand beach are reminiscent of the island of Shimizu. The location of Cabugao Grande is just to the north of Cabugao Gamay. 

    Even though it’s not very big, this island offers a few different cabins, as well as bathrooms, toilets, tents, and even a bar.

    In a manner comparable to that of Cabugao Gamay and Antonia Beach, the beach at Cabugao Grande is characterized by the presence of a significant number of limestone rocks all around its perimeter. Because there are many trees in the region, visitors won’t have a lot finding shady spots to rest their heads.

    Because it is less rocky and more sandy, Cabugao Dako is the perfect place to go swimming. You will find areas with abundant corals where you may snorkel and observe a large number of different species of marine life.

    It appears like it is possible to walk around the island when the tide is low, particularly on the side that is to your right while you are facing the beach with the white sand. The island is encircled by a significant lot of limestone rocks.

    Bring your snorkeling gear, goggles, and fins with you to Cabugao Grande if you intend to spend more than a few hours there so that you can explore the waters in the area.


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    Bakwitan Cave

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    Bantigue Island & Sandbar

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    Islas de Gigantes 999 Day Tour


      8:30 AM

      • Meet up at Bancal Port in Carles, Iloilo

      9 AM

      • Registration at Carles Tourism Office. After registration, we will start our Adventure and off to island hopping!

      9:30 AM -10 AM

      • Pulu Pandan - Activity: swimming

      10 AM -11:30 AM

      • Cabugao Gamay - The most photographed spot in Gigantes, guests can do picture taking, swimming, and a little bit of rock climbing.

      12:30 PM

      • Lantangan Beach - Lunch will be served here
      • Antonia Beach - Snorkeling and swimming
      • Bantigue Sandbar - Best to visit during sunset
      • Tangke Enchanted Lagoon - Activities: Cliff diving, swimming, picture taking, and kayaking

      4 PM

      • Back to Bancal port

      4:10 PM

      • End of Tour


      Optional Add-ons:

      • @ Antonina Beach: Banana boat ride (₱200 each, minimum of 5 heads); Jet ski (₱2,000 every 30 minutes)
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