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Islas de Gigantes Guide

When is the  best time to visit Gigantes Island?

    All year long, Gigantes Island tours are offered, giving you a variety of travel options.

    However, you should keep in mind that island hopping in the Philippines is best done from November to May when the weather is dry and warm. Generally, you don’t have to worry about weather-related issues that can ruin your visit to the island because typhoons in these months are minimal.

    To double the fun, try to witness other attractions in the Visayas Region when you visit Gigantes Island. The vibrant Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City, which is held in the first month of the year, is one of the best festivals in the Philippines, so if you have time to spare when traveling to and around the island, you might be able to attend.

    Eat cheap, fresh seafood – Gigantes, which is unofficially referred to as the capital of the Philippines’ scallops, is the place to go. The islands are also teeming with aquatic resources like fish, squid, crabs, and shrimp.

    Best Time to Visit
    Islas de Gigantes
    Islas de Gigantes

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